19 January 2010

Collagen Fruity Wine Soap

Collagen is the main protein for connective tissue. Without collagen, our skin lose it's elasticity, resulting in sagging skin & wrinkles.

These wine soaps are extracts from different kind of fruits, which benefits different skin problem.

Use in morning and night to cleanse skin. For better performance of soap, leave on for 1 - 3 mins and wash off with water. Follow by Milk Serum and Pearl Moisturiser.

Collagen Fruit Wine Soap - Pitted Prune

Tannin extracted from pitted prune acts as anti-inflammatory and protects face from acne. It helps and subside inflammation of the skin. Makes skin radiant, lift and firm.

Collagen Fruity Wine Soap - Cherry & Strawberry

Extracts from cherry and strawberry shed skin cells gently. With vitamin C and E, eliminates blackheads and oil seeds.

Collagen Fruity Wine Soap - Orange & Persimmon

Rich extracts of orange, carrot and persimmon brightens skin. Contains Q10 fights against free radicals. Reduces wrinkles, blackheads, oil seeds, blemishes and freckles. Resulting in radiant and firmer skin.